IEC Improving Construction IEC Improving Construction

Who are we?

IEC is an award winning company based in the UAE and working in partnership with Unisearch Ltd (UK), with the main focus of delivering highly specialised BIM Management and Advanced Project Management practices to construction organisations. Our services extend to:

  1. Enabling organisations to embrace BIM practices
  2. Project BIM Management services
  3. Advance Project Management services
  4. Training and capacity building

Among the very few in the UAE and the region, IEC has successfully led a comprehensive and coordinated implementation of BIM on a number of projects (total value over 1.8Billion AED) on behalf of a client organisation. Using BIM as an enabling tool, IEC created a collaborative environment (facilitated by both IT and process maps) within which consultants and contractors worked together to optimise design and construction and to minimise operational cost over the projects life cycle.

International Awards

RICSbentlye-award bentlye-award

BIM4SME Award, sponsored by Autodesk (UK)
Winner for Best SME Engagement & Support Programme
(For client organisations) London, June 2015

Bentleybentlye-award bentlye-award

Be Inspired Award
Winner for Information Mobility
London, November 2013