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BIM Managers

What is BIM Manager Training Program?

BIM Manager training program is an advance training and certification program to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on management skills for the entire BIM implementation process. This program is designed in collaboration with PennState University USA and CIOB UK.

This course is focused on experienced construction professionals in design, construction, project management and facility management. This course is highly suitable for representatives of client organizations involved in real estate, building and infrastructure projects. This course is delivered in 3 streams, leading to 3 independent certifications, which are Certificate in BIM Process & Business Management, Certificate in BIM Coordination & Technology Management and Certificate in BIM Standards Implementation.

Certificate in BIM Process & Business Management

This stream is designed to enable senior construction professionals & BIM managers to be acquainted with the overall understanding of BIM processes and effective ways to manage BIM implementation within their business environments and throughout the life cycle of projects. The core units of this stream includes

  • • BIM Process Management (Unit 1)
  • • BIM competencies & Maturity assessment (Unit 2)
  • • Contracts and legal management (Unit 3)
Certificate in BIM Coordination & Technology Management

This stream provides knowledge of BIM development and coordination in more detail, enabling the participants to effectively coordinate and manage project information, BIM applications and project technology. The core units of this stream includes

  • • Information Management (Unit 4)
  • • BIM Coordination & Control (Unit 5)
  • • BIM platforms & Technology management (Unit 6)
Certificate in BIM Standards Implementation

The aim of this stream is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of international BIM standards and how these can be tailored to suit the local market requirements. The core units of this stream includes

  • • International BIM standards & Best Practice (Unit 7)
  • • BS1192 & PAS1192-2/3/4 (Unit 8)
  • • Asset management & COBie (Unit 9)

All certification streams are supported by Hand-on experience in implementing BIM from design to facility management using real life projects examples.

How is this developed?

BIM Manager training program is delivered in independent CPD units (9) along with professional practice project, which lead to independent BIM certificates or collectively a BIM Manager certificate. Delegates can pick and choose different certification streams and CPD units depending upon their individual and organizational requirements.

What to do next?

Our highly skilled UK based BIM trainers and instructors can deliver this training program to groups of 2-8 delegates, at your office (in-house) or at one of our offices (Manchester and Abu Dhabi).

For further information please contact Dr. Muhammad Tariq Shafiq on or