IEC Improving Construction IEC Improving Construction

Enabling Clients to Embrace BIM

» AIM:

To support clients’ vision and strategic objectives to achieve a higher maturity level in the deployment of Building Information Modelling (BIM). IEC provides clients the tools, capability and competency to drive improvements at corporate and operational levels including supply chain integration in line with world best practices, specifically the UK Government BIM Strategy and BIM roadmap of BSI B/555.

» The outcomes of this service will:

  1. Be a base from which client organisations can develop their BIM maturity (in people, process and technology) over time through a continuous improvement process.
  2. If required, could lead to the establishment of a BIM Management Office to develop, implement and monitor BIM strategy across the organisation.
  3. Provide guidance for client’s stakeholders to develop their own skills and competency to deliver higher quality products and services.