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BIM for Executives Training Program

What is BIM for Executives training program?

This program is specifically designed for executives in client organizations (public sector and private developers) with the aim to bring awareness of the recent developments in Building Information Modelling (BIM) at an executive level and away from technical “jargons”. The program explains and discusses BIM concept, its benefits to client organizations, challenges and opportunities, case study and the implementation. Executives will be able to discuss the impact of BIM deployment on their organizations, e.g. on their work practices, contracts, IT infrastructure and skills development. Following completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the important of project information and collaboration;
  2. Understand the need for client leadership to successfully implement BIM;
  3. Recognize the importance of BIM and understand common BIM terminology;
  4. List the most common BIM-based applications;
  5. Understand BIM tools and implementation challenges;
  6. Understand barriers for BIM implementation;
  7. Understand the benefits of greater collaboration and integration in design and construction and how BIM supports it.

This 1 day training program will enable the executives and decision makers to quickly grasp key aspects of BIM and understand how BIM can help their organizations to achieve higher performance by effectively implementing BIM.

What to do next?

Our highly skilled UK based BIM trainers and instructors can deliver this training program to groups of 2-8 delegates, at your office (in-house) or at one of our offices (Manchester and Abu Dhabi).

For further information please contact Dr. Muhammad Tariq Shafiq on
muhammadt.tariq@iengcon.com or info@iengcon.com