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Industry Seminars

Industry Seminars

Professor Mustafa Alshawi, the Director of IEC, has delivered an industry focused seminar on BIM implementation at Heriot Watt University, Dubai. The topic of the seminar was


Summary of the seminar

New construction contracts, in the UAE, are expected to be $52 Billion in 2015, generating 75% of the waste and 40% of the carbon emission. Thus, a slight improvement to this sector could bring about considerable impact on capital expenditure and environment.

Much of the generated waste throughout the life-cycle of construction projects are caused by partners unable to work together, and by not having timely access to project information required to make effective decisions. The industry captures and retains little data about the assets it delivers and operates. This is where BIM can deliver immense benefits to the industry.

In this context, client organisations need to take a strong leadership. They need to clearly understand the implementation mechanisms; determine the level of change required within their organisations and how best to achieve this change.

This seminar addressed the above issues and helped the participants to provide answers to questions like; how BIM can help project stakeholders to improve their performance and achieve their strategic objectives? How ready is your organisation to sweep the benefits of BIM? What is the impact of BIM on PM and process improvement (BIM beyond technology)? What client organisations and government need to do to effectively monitor and control BIM implementation? How to balance between BIM requirements and maturity of stakeholders? What is the role of standards such as BS1192: Part 2 and Part 3 in this process?