IEC Improving Construction IEC Improving Construction

Scope of Services

IEC is placed in a very strong position to provide clients with total solutions covering capability assessment, process maps, standards, legal frameworks, BIM Implementation Plans, IT infrastructure, training & capacity building, etc. IEC enables clients to develop a strong leadership to reap maximums benefits from BIM implementation in line with their strategic objectives.

Our total solution aims to empower client organisation to effectively implement BIM at both organisational and project levels:

At organisational level
IEC has the experience and the tools to assess the current BIM capability of organisations (in people, process and technology) and provide them with process roadmap to reap the full potential of BIM implementation in line with their strategic objectives, such as meeting sustainability, capital and operational expenditure.

At project level (managing clients’ supply chain)
On behalf of clients, IEC will manage and coordinate BIM implementation from concept design to facility management. The focus will be on maximising benefits to clients through a high level of collaboration between stakeholders along with the design and development of BIM that meets client requirements.

Above all, we fully realised the potentials for developing people skills and competences to empower them to improve their organisations in a continuous improvement approach. In this context, IEC will support its services by comprehensive and relevant training programmes based on its long and extensive academic and industrial research and experience.